Hypnosis and Infertility

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According to today’s statistics, 1 in 8 couples struggle to conceive and 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. 

When there are conception delays, it’s normal for women to feel an array of feelings – stress, anxiety, hope, distress, joy, grief, fear, and despair to name a few. For her mental health it’s important for women to feel her feelings and not ignore them. What’s important to know is which feelings predominantly stay. Two emotions that can prove detrimental for fertility are chronic stress and anxiety – a frustrating catch-22 for a a couple preparing to conceive. 

Mental freedom and control over out of control feelings can be beneficial.

Hypnotherapy is defined by Grace Smith, Celebrity Hypnotherapist as meditation with a goal. Hypnosis offers women preparing to conceive an effective way to calm nerves.

Yes, effective. 

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s look at key research:

> After 6 months of a mind/body fertility program, 55% of previously labeled infertile women became pregnant.
*The Domar Women’s Center,  A federally funded study

> Psychotherapy VS Hypnotherapy: Psychotherapy showed a 38% improvement rate after 600 sessions while Hypnotherapy shoed a 93% improvement rate after only 6 session
* Research conducted by Dr. Alfred Barrios

Hypnosis allows women to work through disappointment, trauma, grief, PTSD of miscarriage or birth trauma, still birth, infant loss, baby blocks, and can support women during pregnancy.


The journey to motherhood isn’t easy for many – the journey can often create stress on the mother’s body, mind and spirit.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnotherapy allows you to enter into a deeply relaxed state called the theta brain wave state. Clients of Natalia Griffin, Founder of Her World Hypnosis feel “deeply relaxed and completely in control”. During hypnosis you feel more aware your 5 senses. Clients experience a dreamlike state which they all experience many times a day. When we daydream, become captivated by movie or scrolling on social media we enter a trance-like state where we become more open to ideas and suggestions.

Clients can expect to feel well rested, energized and peaceful at the end of a hypnosis session. Many of Natalia’s clients report an immediate shift after a session. Because hypnotherapy is a natural therapy, desired change can sometimes be retroactive meaning, the shift can be noticed after a period of days or a week(s). 

Why stress matters

Some people may argue that stress has nothing to do with the ability or inability to conceive. They argue against it in order to relieve that responsibility of keeping calm off the woman’s shoulders.  

But here is why stress does actually matter…

When we experience stress or anxious feelings our brains release a hormonal wave of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol – the polar opposite of sex hormones. Our bodies were designed to survive… to literally run from danger. So, when given the choice it will choose stress hormones over sex hormones. 

Learning how to cultivate peace and calm during stressful times takes reconditioning the brain. By doing so, women can experience a new normal. A much more supportive environment and frequency for calling in baby.

More than relaxation

Conceiving a baby has more variables besides relaxation. Conceiving is a mind/body/spiritual/energetic dance.

Some HypnoFertility guides like Natalia Griffin are gifted spiritually and trained to go deeper beyond neurological conditioning. With these gifts, the client is able to balance their spiritual energies and raise their fertility frequency to have higher chances of conceiving within 6 months.


After the initial phone consultation, we set up a first session. During the first of twelve sessions we get comfortable with each other. The client learns my induction style, she learns what to expect, I teach her self hypnosis, and we do a general check in to the foundational parts of the client. 

This first session allows the client to place trust and comfort in me and my process. It also allows me to gauge how to move with and through their subconscious mind. 

Before each session, we discuss where she is on her cycle (if she has one) or where she is with any treatments (IUI or IVF). Then we discuss anything that arose between the last session and the current day. Depending on feedback Natalia moves forward intuitively on how to guide the session.

“I begin each session by having the client relax, closing her eyes, and focusing on her breath with breathing techniques designed to relax the body with focus on the womb. The induction is important. Ninety per cent of information absorbed to our brain is visual so by using my deep envisioning techniques, the conscious mind can take a back seat, making room for the subconscious mind to become receptive to suggestion.”

– Natalia Griffin, Founder of Her World Hypnosis