The #1 HypnoFertility "App"

Whether you want to increase your fertility naturally, sleep better, reduce stress during IVF, create healthier habits while TTC or anything in between, The PATHWAY offers you rapid results.

Your mental freedom is our guarantee. We are 100% committed to you having it.


#1 Hypno-Fertility "App"

Whether you want to increase your fertility naturally, heal from miscarriage, improve your relationship, prepare for IVF,  sleep better, create healthier habits while TTC or anything in between… THE PATHWAY offers you rapid results.

Your mental freedom is our guarantee. We are 100% committed to you having it.

Harness the power of the mind / body connection

Unblock baby blocks & release deep rooted issues

Increase your happiness, peace and self-worth

Increase your belief + learn manifestation tools

THE PATHWAY is beyond talk therapy or a meditation app. This is where soul therapy meets neurological rewire.

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Here's what some Reproductive Medical
Professionals have to say:

The Pathway is something that I recommend to my patients on a daily basis. Be ready for swift transformation!
Dr. Tara Brandner, DNP
DNP and Fertility Coach | North Dakota
My entire staff and I recommend and offers the PATHWAY to patients of Rocky Mountain Fertility Center.
Dr. Deborah Smith, MD
Reproductive Endocrinology Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB / GYN) Infertility | Parker, CO

A Unique Hypnosis Experience

Rich 3D Sound Experience

Rich sound placed carefully to keep the mind engaged at certain times.

Binary Suggestions

Powerful suggestions play in layers through one ear and then switch to the other under the main deep envisioning track. This enables the mind to absorb the positive, powerful suggestions 10 times as much than without.

Highest audio quality production

Sound quality is key in hypnosis recordings. We've tested, rated and tweaked to provide and unparalleled 3D audible experience. You'll melt into the experience.

Voiced by Natalia Griffin, CHt.

Natalia Griffin is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, a leader in Hypnosis for Fertility and founder of Her World Hypnosis. Natalia created The PATHWAY as a way to provide on-demand hypnosis for fertility to any woman struggling with their fertility.

One in 8 women are labeled infertile while 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Pregnancy anxiety is rampant and so is postpartum depression. It was Natalia’s own fertility journey gave her a window into the millions of women who suffer without subconscious support.

Her World Hypnosis is changing that….

THE PATHWAY provides a hand to hold through dark seasons of delayed conception, fertility treatments, grief, anxiety and beyond.

Through The PATHWAY’S proven framework, you’ll learn to harness the power of your subconscious and rapidly support your fertility frequency code and mental freedom. 

Wherever you are on the journey – you’ve landed at the right place.

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THE PATHWAY is an annual membership with two payment options. When distributed across a month it’s $1.43 a day in exchange for your mental freedom… far less than a cup of coffee and yet far more fulfilling.

THE PATHWAY by Her World Hypnosis is an annual membership with 2 payment options. When distributed across the month it’s $1.43 a day in exchange for your mental freedom… far less than a cup of coffee and yet far more fulfilling. 

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After almost 9 years ttc, tracking everything my body was doing, I thought I was connected to my body. After all, I knew what every twinge, every pain and every symptom meant. It wasn’t until joining The Pathway that I learned just how disconnected I really was from my body. Since starting I have noticed that I am so much calmer and at peace. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep which has never been the case for me, ever! I am realizing just how vital self care and self love are not just to everyday life but also to fertility… Natalia and The Pathway have given me more than I ever hoped for and I am so excited to continue to work with her and in the pathway! - ABBEY

Well worth every penny! Everyone TTC needs to have this in their life. I listen to this every day, twice a day. I do my reinforcement exercises on walks, while I cook or clean... it's amazing and so easy to access. - JESS

I was in an incredibly dark and near dangerous place mentally. You and the PATHWAY saved me. I have dark moments now, but not a dark life. I'm only into this 5 weeks and feel TRANSFORMED. I can't thank you for the PATHWAY enough. Life changing.

After only 2 weeks into the PATHWAY I realized I needed personal attention. I reached out to Natalia for a 1:1 session and she got me right in. The fact that she leaves room for members to reach out and get in is incredible. After that 1 session i had such a massive breakthrough in my trauma. I literally felt a shift in my womb. I feel so much lighter and ready to receive!

I am LOVING the Fertility Frequency Code program! I am only on week 2 and feel a massive shift. I've connected with my womb, cleared out trauma stored there and feel so much more at peace already. I can't wait for what's in store for me. - MEGAN

I love being able to request additions to the Library of hypnosis topics. I requested a topic on abundance since we are actively in a hole due to fertility treatments and within 7 days it was there. I just listened to it last night and...it's exactly what I needed. I can't wait to see what abundance I will start attracting my way. This alone is worth the money. - ALLISON

Value breakdown:

Entire Hypnosis Library – $520+

Unlimited Custom Recordings – $300+

Fertility Frequency Code – $4,800

True Subconscious Support – Priceless

Increasing your Chances of by 50% – Priceless


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