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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is mental reconditioning.
Natalia Griffin, Fertility Hypnotherapist


Hypnosis is meditation with a goal.
Grace Smith, Celebrity Hypnotherapist


Hypnosis is simply mental reconditioning

Mental conditioning is synonymous to Hypnosis.  We have all been conditioned – whether it be by trauma, our families,  society and our culture.  However, we didn’t opt-in to the conditions of our mind. But with hypnosis you get to. With hypnotherapy you get to re-wire your mind the way you’d like.

Hypnotherapy utilizes the theta brain wave state (think day dreamy state) to induce a state of relaxation, enabling you to focus on your most significant goals. Simply close your eyes and liberate yourself from long-standing pain, patterns and triggers. So take a nice deep breath and savor this moment as you absorb these words: Change your mind, Change you life. Your mind holds the key. A part of your mind few can access – the subconscious.

Why does Hypnosis work?

Right now, you are engaged in the beta brain wave state. As you actively read this, you are attentive and alert. The conscious thinking mind that the majority of people live in only utilizes 10% of your mental power, while the remaining 90% resides in your subconscious mind. This subconscious mind can easily be accessed two levels deeper, in the Theta Brainwave state.

Trained hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques to bypass the critical factor of a client’s mind, enabling them to access the subconscious. This allows you to feel safe enough to let go and become more open to change, new ideas, recall, and clarity.

Once the brain has sufficiently relaxed, it enters the theta brainwave state. Theta is a naturally occurring and incredibly powerful state of mind. In this state, the hypnotherapist guides the client to quickly transform neural pathways based on the client’s goals.

Rapid and long-lasting transformations, and even miracles, start in your mind. Specifically, they begin in a place that only a few people know how to access – the subconscious mind.

Your deep belief system, emotions, habits, triggers, values, imagination, and intuition – they all reside there.

Hypnosis vs Talk therapy



recovery after 6 sessions

93% recovery rate
6 session

Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal, “Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice



recovery after 600 sessions
(approx 6 years)

38% recovery rate
600 sessions
600 sessions (approx. 6 years)

Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal, “Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

Hypnotherapy Sessions with Natalia

Working with Natalia can look like many different things. Clients hire Natalia for custom recordings for a quick mental tune up or they can work closely with her for a more powerful experience.

Natalia offers 2 tiers of HypnoCoaching.

Tier One: Intimate group sessions
*Private sessions included

Tier Two: 1:1 VIP Private HypnoCoaching

Natalia Griffin

Natalia Griffin, the founder of Her World Hypnosis, is a radical supporter of women on their growth and healing journeys. After a successful 10-year climb up the corporate ladder in the commercial real estate industry, Natalia made a pivotal decision to align with her calling to deeply help others. Inspired by her own life-changing experience with hypnotherapy, she pursued education and became a Board Certified Hypnotherapist.


With a focus on empowering the success of growth-hungry women, Natalia specializes in shifting deep ingrained patterns related to relationships, lifestyle and health. She is also a HypnoFertility specialist after experiencing her own Fertility Journey and has dedicated a significant portion of her career to creating The PATHWAY, a digital hypnosis library that supports infertile women on their TTC journey, helping them improve their mental health and increase their chances of getting pregnant.


Natalia’s extensive training was received from a world-renowned Hypnotherapist, and she is certified through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Her World Hypnosis has rapidly grown into a thriving community of women who experience Hypnotherapy through private sessions, group HypnoCoaching, custom recording requests, and her digital program, The PATHWAY. She lives in a small town in Colorado with her 2 children and husband.

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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. It is simply a state of relaxation where a trained professional guides your conscious mind to take the back seat which is when your subconscious mind emerges. When your subconscious mind is available, you are able to better ready your belief system, memories and root of behaviors. While in hypnosis your brain waves slow down and enter the theta brain wave state. While in theta, your mind is open to absorb conditioning and your brain neurons are able to rewire for the goal at hand.

There is no magic number of sessions because ever person and every subconscious is unique. For some, 1 sessions is all that is needed. For others more. The average is 6 sessions to quit a behavior or habit.

Private sessions are typically 60 minutes. Past Life sessions are longer.

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